Hi! I’m Katie and this is my blog where I love sharing my day to day life as a mom to two under two.

My husband, Jason and I welcomed our first child, Everett in January 2018 and life has never been the same! After the birth of my son and dealing with colic and PPD, I was inspired to begin blogging and instagramming my experiences as a new mother. My goal was to help just one mom feel less alone in the motherhood experience.

In my old life as I like to call it, I was a physician assistant specializing in women’s health and a lactation consultant. After the birth of our second child, Isla, we decided that I would stay home indefinitely and thus my new life was created!

In December 2019 our world was turned upside down with a probable autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in our first child. Through blogging I have connected with the autism community and found strength in our shared experiences.

On my blog you will find honest to goodness day to day mom life, reviews of my favorite products and solidarity in the motherhood experience.

If you’re not already following me on instagram where I update my stories daily, please do so!

I look forward to connecting with you!

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