My dermatologist recommended skincare routine

For Christmas this year, I asked my husband for a trip to our dermatologist and a “grown up” skincare routine. As a 34 year old mom of two, I’m not exactly a “spring chicken” as some would say. And while I am happier and more content with my appearance than ever, I do think a good skincare routine is essential for any woman.

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Before getting into my routine, I want to strongly encourage you to see your dermatologist for specific recommendations for your skin type. If you are pregnant or nursing, you’ll want to consult with your OBGYN provider.

I scheduled an appointment with my local dermatologist to discuss my concerns. I would also highly recommend scheduling an annual skin check!

My skin is dry, sensitive and I also have rosacea. I have not experienced a rosacea flare up in almost a year but the last one was really bad and involved my eye and eyelid. Avoiding most alcohol (especially wine) and sun exposure along with being careful about skincare products is essential for me. My other concerns aside from rosacea are fine lines, anti-aging and improving the overall texture.

She did a thorough examination of my skin and made some recommendations.

My new routine includes retinol and my doctor was sure to warn me about the “retinization” process that takes about 6 weeks – that is, red, flaky and irritated skin. But no worries, she also provided some suggestions for less irritation by suggestions for makeup removal and applying the retinol every third night initially with a thick, lipid rich moisturizer.

So without further ado, here is my new routine:

Morning Routine

Step 1: Rinse with room temperature water

Step 2: Apply SkinCeuticals Vit C with Ferulic Acid

Now, I realize this brand of Vitamin C is very expensive and it is with good reason. I encourage you to research the stability of Vitamin C. It is a very difficult product to formulate and this particular brand comes with clinical studies demonstrating its efficacy. Here is an excellent blog post by a board certified dermatologist and scientist with great information about Vitamin C so you don’t end up wasting your money!

Weird side note about the Vitamin C – it smells like ham to me. I’ve asked a few others who have also had a similar response that it smells like deli meat, ham or bacon. Not the most pleasant but hey, the results are great!


Step 3: Apply broad spectrum sunscreen

You don’t need to be as particular with the brand on this step however, I like this brand for my very sensitive skin as I don’t find it to be irritating.

Throughout the day if I am out and about I apply this powder sunscreen by Tarte $34.

Bedtime Routine

Step 1: Remove makeup with oil based cleanser. I am using green clean by farmacy. This is a makeup removing balm that leaves your skin nourished instead of dry and stripped. I also really like oil obsessed cleanser by bare minerals and may return to that in the future.

Step 2: Apply SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore

I love this cream. According to my dermatologist, fatty acids help repair skin cells while cholesterol and ceramides help to plump the skin and provide a barrier. While this cream is very heavy, it isn’t sticky and melts into the skin. It has a pleasant, light, fresh fragrance.

Another favorite, super thick cream that I’ve been using for over 5 years is Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream. This cream is about 1/3 price of the SkinCeuticals triple lipid restore cream. I may still go back to using this cream perhaps alternating with the triple lipid restore to save some money. The triple lipid restore was a Christmas gift so a bit of a splurge.

Step 3: Apply SkinCeuticals 0.3% retinol.

I opted for a lower percentage of retinol as my skin adjusts to this new routine. Currently, I am using retinol every other night but when I first began I was using retinol every third night. The goal is to use retinol nightly once my skin is more tolerable of it.

Speak to your dermatologist to determine if retinol is right for you. Retinol should never be used when pregnant. It is minimally absorbed into the bloodstream and very, very minimally excreted into breastmilk so my doctor and I am okay with using this while nursing.

Step 4: Apply Lumiere Bio Restorative Eye Cream

This eye cream apparently uses growth factors to decrease fine lines to the delicate undereye skin are. It also contains caffeine that decreases puffiness so I have also used this in the morning. Admittedly, I have never been good with consistently using an eye cream and find most eye creams or serums to be incredibly irritating but this one I am really liking so far.

And there you have it! My first ever legitimate skincare routine. If you follow me on instagram I’ll be sharing updates on how the skincare routine is going. I’m still currently muddling through the redness and flakiness of the retinization phase but I’m beginning to notice major improvements in dryness already!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and may be inspired to get a skincare routine for yourself!