Trunk Club Try On

I’ve been using Trunk Club for some time now and, especially since the birth of my son.

If you’re unfamiliar with Trunk Club, it is a Nordstrom company that ships clothing and accessories for you to try on at home. When you create your style profile on , you’ll be assigned a personal stylist with whom you can interact with as much or as little as you’d like. You can send pinterest boards of styles you like or make specific requests. For example, last month my husband had a holiday work party – so I let my stylist know and she sent multiple dress options.

Typically, each trunk contains around 12 items. You’ll receive a digital preview a few days before your box ships and you’ll have 48 hours to review and confirm which items you’d like to receive.

As a Nordstrom card member, my Trunk Club styling fee of $25 is waived. If you’re not a card member or do not wish to have a Nordstrom card, you’re still able to utilize Trunk Club and your $25 styling fee will be applied to any purchase you make.

Each month, I look forward to receiving a Trunk and trying on new clothes while Everett naps. I feel like it helps me stay up to date with current trends, even if  I won’t end up wearing the items.

This month, I made no special requests and here is what I received this month:


Overall, I think my stylist made some interesting selections.  What I love most about trunk club is trying pieces that I ordinarily would NEVER pick out.  

So, I logged onto my trunk club app and reviewed how to style the pieces.  Here’s how it looked!

Here we have the Sub-Urban Riot tee shirt and the spanx leggings


I loved the Sub_Urban Riot “Cheers” tee but, for $34 wondered if I could justify the cost?  The Spanx faux leather leggings were a bit too small and I wasn’t sure I’d get much use out of the faux pleather, although I think they’d be a super comfy alternative to dressing up for a date night or girl’s night out. The Elvina Waterproof bootie by Blondo are similar to a pair of boots I already own so I simply didn’t need them.  

Verdict: Returned all of these pieces. 


Tee paired with the Good American Jeans

I loved these Good American Good Waist jeans.  When I first pulled them out of the box and saw the long crotch, I worried how “mommish” my butt would be.  I don’t have a Khloe Kardashian butt – so I assumed it would just look really long and flat, not typically the look I strive for.  But surprisingly, I really loved these!  I don’t own a pair of high waisted jeans.

Verdict: Kept the Good American Good Waist jeans.

1901 Fitted Turtleneck sweater with the Lysse Ella Seamed Ponte Legging


Anyone getting Dionne and Cher from Clueless vibes?  Every time I see plaid-like print it brings me right back to the 4th grade when I memorized literally every. single. word. of Clueless.   

So, not surprisingly, I actually LOVED this outfit.  But, from a practicality standpoint, I couldn’t really justify the nearly $150 price tag for the entire outfit.  The 1901 Fitted Turtleneck sweater was lightweight, stretchy and comfortable but for $69, I felt a bit overpriced.  

I was later told by my younger and trendier sister who has great style that this would be better off paired with a crop top.  The Ella seamed Ponte Leggings are really high waisted so it wouldn’t show much belly at all.  I agree with her!  

Turtle neck with GRLFRND Zamira Curdoroy Skirt

Next, we had this little getup.

I think my face in the next picture says it all.  

The photo above doesn’t really capture how short the GRLFRND Zamira Curdoroy skirt was but, I was nearly unable to show this on film.  I also think the photo makes the outfit look kind of cute!  But in real life, I could not imagine myself strapping my 11 mo old into his baby carrier and strutting around town in this.  

The Steve Madden Forbidden Over the Knee boots were cute but I wasn’t sold on the open toe.  

I have been wanting a pair of over the knee boots.  My heart is set on the Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Highland boots but they’re sold out everywhere and like $700-800.  Nordstrom Rack did offer them for $478 recently but they sold out almost immediately.

How cute?


Verdict: Returned the GRLFRND Zamira Curdoroy Skirt, Steve Madden Forbidden Over the Knee Boots.


If you watched my instastories, you’ll know that this skirt was almost too short for viewing!
Halogen embellished tee paired with my own jeans

And lastly, the Halogen embellished tee paired with my own jeans.  I’m not a big fan of adornments such as bows and rhinestones.  But, the fit of the tee was great.  It was comfortable and the material was very lightweight and breathable.  If it had been a plain tee, I might’ve kept it.  

Verdict: Returned Halogen embellished tee.

The Kendra Scott jewelry was also returned as I just don’t wear jewelry other than my wedding ring, band and watch.  My husband hardly recognizes me if I ever put on earrings which has happened a total of two times in our five years together – once on our wedding day and once for a Christmas party. 

I had a new stylist this month and will have to make sure to remind them that I’ll never buy the jewelry! 

Stay tuned for Stitch Fix in two weeks!  

Thanks for reading!