What’s in my hospital bag (suitcase)? Second baby edition.

Delivery of my first baby in January 2018.

In this post I’ll detail the specific items I’m packing with affiliate links to Amazon. I will receive a small commission if you purchase from these links! Thanks!

I will also post my checklist if you’d like to customize it for yourself!


Let’s talk clothes.

Hospital Gowns

At some point during your hospital stay you’ll likely be in a hospital gown. If you prefer to labor in the nude, this is an option as well! The hospital will also provide you with a gown so bringing your own is entirely unnecessary. But, I’m extra and make no apologies for bringing my own!

I will be bringing 2 hospital gowns!

Check out my instagram highlight called “hospital gowns” for a review of the top rated hospital gowns and choose for yourself!

Here are my two favorites and what I’ll be packing for this deliver.

GINKANA Labor and Delivery Maternity Hospital Gown and Pillowcase Set for Maternity Hospital Nursing

For the Ginkana, I would size UP from your pre-pregnancy size. I am typically a size small and I ordered medium, could possibly have even used a size Large for a roomier fit.

Baby Be Mine Gownies – Delivery Maternity Hospital Gown Labor Kit (XXL pre Pregnancy 16-22, Brie)

For the Baby Be Mine, I ordered the small-medium which is my usual pre-pregnancy size.

Post Delivery Outfit

Some women prefer to bring a robe and comfy lounge clothes. I brought a robe last time and did not use it because I was SO. HOT.

This time around I’ve opted for lounging around in a shorts/short sleeved button up pajama set I found on Amazon. I would recommend sizing up one size from pre-pregnancy for a comfy/roomier post partum fit.

SIORO Soft Womens Pajama Sets Modal Short Sleeve Pajamas for Women Large Size Sleepwear, Navy with White Piping, L

I would size up in these pajamas for a roomier fit. I am typically a small and this is a size medium.

Sioro Pajamas in Navy with white piping.

Going Home Outfit

I’ve personally seen some women strut out of Labor & Delivery looking like a million bucks. I once saw a woman wearing a red bandage style dress and you would NEVER believe she just had a baby if it weren’t sitting on top of her in a carseat.

I wanted this to be me and packed a cute going home outfit last time but left wearing maternity leggings and a zip up hoodie with sandals.

My feet were SWOLLEN. They could not even fit into Ugg boots.

Post partum last delivery.

So, this time, I’m opting for a pair of joggers, my favorite kindred bravely nursing bra and a nursing tee shirt from motherhood maternity with roomy sandals.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Studio Terry Jogger Pant, Black, L

I sized up from normal pre-pregnancy size in these joggers. I’m normally a small and I bought a medium. They’re plenty big in pregnancy and will be big enough post partum.

Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Layered Tulip Nursing Tee Shirt, Navy, Extra Large

I ordered normal size – size small in this shirt.

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra for Maternity/Breastfeeding (Medium, Black)

Order your normal size in the kindred bravely bra.


My plan for toiletries is to bring the minimum. I don’t plan to bring any hairstyling tools aside from a brush and dry shampoo. I’ll blow dry my hair in the morning before I’m due in to the hospital and then wear a shower cap for showering.

I packed my items in ziplock bags and separated by “like” items.

I kept all the items for showering together.

  • Shower Cap (I don’t plan to get hair wet at hospital)
  • Deoderant
  • Face wash
  • Face lotion
  • Soap
  • Towel & Face cloth
  • Travel toothpaste & toothbrush

All makeup together with a mirror for applying in bed.

And all hair accessories together.

  • Brush
  • Hair ties
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Hair Clip

And last but definitely not least, Depends. I sent my husband out to purchase these while I was in the hospital last time because the mesh underwear weren’t cutting it. The mesh sags and doesn’t hold up the pad or ice pack but the Depends do!


So you won’t get bored, I suggest a laptop or iPad or kindle, etc… and extra long phone cords to reach any outlet from bed. Headphones are great if you and your partner watch separate things or you want to listen to an audio book or podcast. I also never sleep without a sound machine and we bring a Dohm Marpac sound machine anytime we travel. Hospital sleep is hard to come by so anything to help, I’d recommend bringing.


This speaks for itself but check with your hospital for policies on when you can and cannot eat. Last time I brought yogurt covered raisins and trail mix. It was fantastic.

I also recommend bringing your own insulated water bottle. I have a large, insulated tumbler from Amazon that I love.


  • Boppy pillow

The boppy pillow comes in handy for nursing but also serves as a donut if you suffer a perineal tear during delivery, have hemorrhoids are just general soreness down below. You can sit on the pillow with the opening facing forward in the car or in bed.

  • Your own pillow & pillow case from home

Just because it’s more comfy.

Here’s the comprehensive checklist!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment below with what you’re bringing to the hospital!

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